Skitouring is at the core of what we do in Sogndal, it is the way to find the best riding and the most spectacular runs.

Some days you just need the biggest skis you possibly can find, but most days you have to compromise. We try to compromise as little as possible with skis that are light and well-tuned for a good ascent but that can handle proper riding in powder, slush, crust, and all other conditions you might meet. Your decision is easy, slightly wider for deeper days or slightly narrower for those spring rides? Either way you can count on getting the most out of your days on the mountain.


Are you not sure whether you're going to jump in the park, carve some turns on the corduroy or ride your favorite powder pillow run?

Well, first of all, those are all really good options and you are a bit spoiled if that is what you are choosing between. The choice of ski can be a bit difficult though, unless you have our RAKKAR model. The RAKKAR is a versatile beast that lets you have fun all over the mountain regardless of what type of riding you are in for. It has turned out to be both a customer and team rider favorite for all kinds of riding, it can handle it all!


Powder skiing is what we'd all rather do, and these might just be the best tools for that purpose.

The Sogndal valley is known for its abundant snowfall and high quality snow. It is for these conditions that the Togga was created, so that we could slide, jump, flow and play in the deepest of snow. If you are looking for the ultimate powder ski, look no further!


The big mountain can be a fantastic playground, with thrills (and some spills) behind every cornice, peak and drop. Bring the right skis so that you get the most out of the mountainside.

TUNNELVISJON is the ski of freeride legend Asbjørn Eggebø Ness. It is the ski you need to handle the challenging conditions of the high mountains while still being playful enough for you to get the most out of the terrain.