About Asbjørn
Asbjørn was born in Bergen in 1979 and grew up at Hjelmeland. His passion for skiing began early, and was further strengthened when he studied sports in Sauda and took a bachelor-degree in sports in Sogndal. Asbjørn appeared early in skimovies like the Kong Vinter-series and the Swedish Free Radical-movies. In recent years he has been involved in Field Production’s movies, and was last seen in highly acclaimed film Supervention in 2013.

Asbjørn Eggebø Næss is a legend on the Norwegian freeride-scene and a very knowledgable and talentet man. This winter Asbjørn will continue his work with Field Productions for their next film coming to cinemas in 2016. Alongside this he will develop existing and future models together with the designers at SGNskis.

What does Sogn mean to you?
Skiing in Sogn has meant a lot to me throughout many years, and I believe everyone who has spent time there, feels at home in the mountains of Sogn. I was touring the famous Togga already in 2000, and as a student I spent many spring-days in the steep mountains in Hurrungane. For me it is important to influence the freeride and touring scene, and with SGNskis I am given this opportunity by developing skis. I have always had a desire to work with Scandinavian brands, and from now I am exclusively working with that.

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